I have not been online a lot...

2015-07-08 02:10:56 by Porn4Grim

You would think I would have more time to be online but, I have been vary busy for the past month because I fell down the stairs and had bedridden myself. I have recovered but, its set me back in work and in art. working on art a bit more though finding that I have turned my once flowing art into a more blocky situation. I have been studying more anatomy but, it has really fucked me up becauseĀ  I have been developing a skeleton and looking more on the inside of things rather then getting the flow of a position. I find it hard to keep them both in mind some times xD



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2015-07-08 13:54:57

my gosh my condolences about the accident :/ i'm sure you don't like being cooped up in a bed all day though, but yeah there's the other side to it where you can study a lot more about whatever want or need to, but you're looking to improvement your art on your anatomy drawing??

Porn4Grim responds:

yeah but, wile i have been studying I have made my art a little less flowy and more blocky because of my study xD it fucking sucks and thatnk you vary much i feel a lot better now :3