2015-08-24 09:47:09 by Porn4Grim

I would love sites on the web that help me with the issue I am having with art. Is there anything out there for proportions and perspective... I hate to be told I'm not good enough! I need more to work on more so I'm not concentrated on life... My escape is art and I hate to think of my self as a person who hates my skill.




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2015-08-24 10:01:49

I get the same stuff all the time, and I do the same thing.

Porn4Grim responds:

Its hard to art hahaha


2015-08-24 11:04:17

There are some things on the art101 page that might help.

Otherwise, Google is your friend. Practice a lot and post your work so others can point out things you're overlooking. Use the Art Workshop thread instead of your own to reach a wider audience.
...or, start another thread specifically for perspective practice.

Good luck :)

Porn4Grim responds:

thank you <3