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Go see!

oooo pretty colors

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so... art

2016-01-28 12:39:23 by Porn4Grim

: 5083201_145400271821_loveforgrim1.jpg


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I'm Back!

2015-11-07 03:18:59 by Porn4Grim


I still exist on this site :3

just wanted to say that so my fans dont die :O die of missing me to much :'0


I lost my tablet pen so I could not make any beautiful pictures!!  no need to worry though because I bought a new one and drew you this!!~~~~~<3



2015-08-24 09:47:09 by Porn4Grim

I would love sites on the web that help me with the issue I am having with art. Is there anything out there for proportions and perspective... I hate to be told I'm not good enough! I need more to work on more so I'm not concentrated on life... My escape is art and I hate to think of my self as a person who hates my skill.



Hello NG

2015-08-05 17:24:02 by Porn4Grim

I have a new blog that you might want to creep on ;D


Its my new personal blog that will follow the addventures of being me  :O

Please enjoy!





You would think I would have more time to be online but, I have been vary busy for the past month because I fell down the stairs and had bedridden myself. I have recovered but, its set me back in work and in art. working on art a bit more though finding that I have turned my once flowing art into a more blocky situation. I have been studying more anatomy but, it has really fucked me up because  I have been developing a skeleton and looking more on the inside of things rather then getting the flow of a position. I find it hard to keep them both in mind some times xD



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2015-01-21 23:59:50 by Porn4Grim

look at some of this cool art <3 5083201_142190275871_grimpaint.jpg5083201_142190277381_brahhhh.jpg