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Hey newgrounds!

I tottally just started a new facebook page for my art !!

of course there is no porn but, there is a lot of other awesome stuff <3 <----- the page

please have a vist :3

I came back!!!

2015-01-06 11:58:21 by Porn4Grim

B.C Is always inspiring! it’s a refreshment to be there.

Coming home brought up some difficulty because I lost my job… OoO but, thats ok because the job was hard work and I hurt my self a lot! xD

I need to look for work that will expand my talent as an artist, I want to learn more about it and excel in what I am meant to do!

anyone have suggestions in how I could do that?

I know college is the best way to do it but, I just dont have that kind of money right now… heh


I'll fight it out! 5083201_142056349532_Grimonfire1.jpg

Happy Holidays

2014-12-24 14:21:13 by Porn4Grim

I have gone to B.C for the holidays!!

It has made me so happy the mountines, my mom everything <3

This place is the best because I am meant to live in B.C. It feels like home to me and I cant help but, get inspired by the seanery around me!

I hope this gives me the break that I need to get back on track!


The end of a good story <3

2014-11-09 04:16:09 by Porn4Grim

O.O I can't believe that I have spent most of 15 years obsessing about the manga/anime Naruto. 

I remmeber the first time I watched the anime, it was the 2nd episode and I had no idea what was going on xD

my friend had got me into the manga saying it was awesome because it was about ninjas and stuff!!

soon my friends and I wasted our recess playing ninja, acting like shinobi on missions attacking eachother randomly.

Being little girls we did grow up to like the ninja boys and went as far to pair them with eachother based on who we thought we would get along with. 

I liked Sasuke for a bit in the begining, being afraid of likeing Naruto because My one friends thought he was annoying.

One day though I convinced her that he was acctually pretty awesome and confessed my liking for the dorky guy.

ever sins then My friends consider him to be mine <3

 I know Hinata gets him in the end but, it was fun pretending. 

there kids are perfect <3


Motherfucking Life!

2014-11-01 13:12:00 by Porn4Grim


After two years of the desk being in storage I finally got it back!!!! <3 this helps out a lot now I can get work done faster and easyer <3 I will get my art on the road to becoming great again! These two years of my life have been disapointing because I was trying to move out and it has been down hill. I have moved back and forth between houses trying to find a place for us to stay but, we have gotten our ass kicked all the way back home.


I declare the next two years will be great ones!!!


I will work harder on my art and become the best there ever was!



2014-10-01 12:28:27 by Porn4Grim

I went to the city!!!!! I bought my self three big art books with hard covers also smuge sticks and led. <3 I will be making more serous art because of the supplies. I have been doodling a lot so I have to put some more effort into my work.

hope you enjoy!!



2014-09-26 04:07:12 by Porn4Grim

Have you ever worked hard on something like a essay or an art project and got really far in to the document and you where doing really well on it in your mind. Then suddenly like a strike of lightning you realize that you are done the stupid thing!!

Took hours on it and it dawns on you that you should probably save before anything happens to the beautiful thing. You save the document and go on fucking with the page like nothing you do from that point on will have any big effect on your work. Then it happens, the mistake that ends up costing you the whole thing.

 Random reader: “It’s ok though right you saved!!”

Grim: ” Yeah that’s right you saved!! but, you took a big hit off the bong….”

You go to exit out of the doc., to go back to the point when you where but as you click out the stupid text box pops up and asks if you want to save….

Guess what you do :)



Random Picture :D

2014-09-24 03:07:17 by Porn4Grim


Hi.... :D

2014-09-15 02:39:17 by Porn4Grim

So My internet went down right after I got my computer but, no need to worry I got it back and have some photos to share. <3  I also got my self a new tablet and enjoy it a lot, I have done some coloring while my computer was without internet.


Please enjoy my new art :D





2014-08-27 20:55:17 by Porn4Grim

Porn4Grim Is Back ;D

ok bros I got my computer back!!

<3 yay now I will post more photos I am expecting to get a new phone, it will help with the whole posting art thing.

:D lolz so did you miss me :D jokes jokes, I know you missed me wooo! I am excited .